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Grand Traverse Balloons, Inc. offers Hot Air Balloon flights over the beautiful Grand Traverse Bay area in the early morning, seven days a week, weather permitting. We meet just before sunrise for our morning flights. Our balloon accommodates 2 -10 passengers. Reservations are required and often you can fly the same day you call.

Your Once in a Lifetime Experience

We launch within a 15-mile radius of the Traverse City area depending on the direction of the wind. Once we arrive at the site, the "envelope" is laid out and gas-powered fans force air through the balloons "mouth" and into the envelope. After it fills, the balloon is "stood up" by igniting the burners and heating up the air inside.

Your experienced F.A.A. Certified Pilot may ascend or descend in attempt to catch a different wind direction, however, this does not guarantee that you will fly to one specific location. The balloon will fly as high as 2,000-3,000 feet or greater. You will be able to see East and West Grand Traverse Bay, the Chain-o-lakes, as well as beautiful northern Michigan landscapes. The temperature in the balloon basket is comparable to "ground" temperature. Therefore, you will want to dress accordingly.

Ballooning is a fair weather sport. Assuming the visibility is good, the key consideration is wind speed. Preferred conditions for a balloon flight are calm or light surface winds and light to moderate winds aloft. No excessive heat or humidity; no frontal activity in the area, low clouds or precipitation. A determination concerning the weather can usually be made before we leave home, but pilots reserve final judgment based on the weather conditions observed prior to launch.

Upon landing, the experience continues with the traditional Champagne Celebration. You will also receive a Certificate of Ascension, Color Photo and a Cloisonne Balloon Pin.

Planning Suggestions & Simple Passenger Requirement Facts

You may bring a small camera or hand-held video camera. You will see some beautiful scenery while you're in flight. (Note: Grand Traverse Balloons, Inc. cannot be responsible for broken or lost articles)

Passengers should wear comfortable closed toe shoes, no sandals, heels, or flip-flops. Long pants and a hat are recommended due to warmth generated by the burners.

Passengers must be in good physical condition, agile, at least 48 inches tall, 10 years of age and not pregnant. Grand Traverse Balloons reserves the right to refuse transit to any and all passengers who we feel do not meet the physical requirements.

We do require a seven-day notice for cancellations or any changes in a reservation. There is a 100% cancellation fee for no shows, late cancellations of a scheduled flight or changes in a reservation, within seven days prior to a scheduled flight. There is a $20 fee per person for all cancellations made in more than 7 days.

If a flight must be postponed due to weather or other factors, it may be rescheduled at the passenger's convenience, subject to availability.

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