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Now is a great time to consider booking one of our balloons to provide rides at your event during any of the four seasons. Grand Traverse Balloon is always part of the action sharing the vibrancy of our communities and community members. This is an opportunity to help set your festival apart by offering tethered rides or adding a ride raffle as a fundraiser. Hot air balloons are a spectacular site that tends to attract people from all around. Taking a hot air balloon ride is often on people’s bucket lists.

For the fee listed on our ride package page you can choose how long you would like to offer a tether and sell tickets for the tether ride to raise money for your festival and cover the cost of the hot air balloon tether.
Grand Traverse Balloons F.A.A. Certified Pilots have been flying around Northern Michigan for years. A tethered ride will accommodate up to 40 passengers per hour, on a 150’ static up and down ride.

Ballooning is a fair weather sport. Assuming the visibility is good, the key consideration is wind speed. Since the winds are lighter and more stable during the early morning hours, we prefer to operate soon after sunrise so that we can complete the tether before the winds become to brisk. evening tethers and balloon glows are offered 1 hour prior to sunset into the darkness. A determination concerning the weather can usually be made before we leave home, but pilots reserve final judgment based on the weather conditions observed at the tether site.

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